Director (Board Member)

The big picture

Play a leading role in the next chapter of an organization that continues to do good in the community since 1885. National Giving Alliance has a 137-year history of providing new clothing to individuals in need. Our decorated past includes leadership from two First Ladies (Edith Roosevelt and Frances Cleveland), more than 600 local branches across the US at our peak, and over 27 million garments provided across our history – many of them handmade in the early years – to those in need.

In recent decades the organization declined from its former glory as a ubiquitous volunteer organization. Over the last five years, with the hiring of a new Executive Director and replenishment of a working board, we’ve laid the foundation for the start of a new chapter. Our mission is as critical now as ever, and we are strategizing new service and revenue models to modernize our operations and exponentially increase our impact. The shift will move us from a decentralized ad-hoc volunteer model to a sustainable, coordinated, supply chain of goods and services.

Ready for the future

Things we’ve done in the last six months: completed phase 1 of our new strategic planning process, reimaged our vision and mission for the future in the most significant realignment in the organization’s history, improved our Bylaws and governance structure to best practices, and passed a budget to invest in growth with two new key hires (Director of Development and Program Manager).

  • New Vision: All people have the dignity and self-confidence to reach their unique potential.
  • New Mission: NGA provides new clothing, essential items and other services so that children and youth have the resources to safely develop to their potential.

We need to build out our board with top-quality board members who can steward the organization to new heights. It’s high-impact work. You will guide our operational and capital strategies that will help NGA grow not 10% but 10x in the years ahead. Your work to make NGA better will directly make our communities better.

Board recruitment (YOU!)

Specific skill sets we are looking to add to the board:

  • Domain expertise in supply chain and distribution of physical goods
  • Industry experience in clothing/textiles, regional/national rolodex in that industry
  • Expertise in child/youth development (social work, psychological, etc.)
  • Development and capital campaign experience
  • Legal, accounting/audit, and finance professionals
  • Individuals with access to corporate and high-net worth donor networks

We are looking for individuals with prior non-profit board experience. Our board is currently at 12 members, and planning for mid-term attribution, we want to add ten board members in 2022. Diversity – in every sense of the word – is a top priority for this process. The headquarters is in Warminster, PA, and board member location in the Philadelphia region is preferable, though board and committee meetings are conducted in a hybrid fashion and we accommodate remote participation.

We want NGA board membership to be a rewarding experience for everyone involved, so we’ve taken great care recently to document what we are looking for in our board members (and likewise what we reciprocate): NGA Board Member Agreement